2012 WISE Awards: EducarChile’s website was recongnized for its PSU Project

Publicado: 26 noviembre, 2012

Sheikh of Qatar, Maza bent Nasser, was responsible for delivering one of the six WISE Awards to Ana Maria Raad, director at EducarChile, for its PSU Educarchile project. The award ceremony of the 4th version of the World Innovation Summit for Education took place in Qatar, one of the most massive and important events in the world of education.

The prize, awarded by the Qatar Foundation, recognizes revolutionary initiatives worldwide that were selected for their impact and contribution to society and for having an innovative approach to solving global problems.

PSU EducarChile was the only Latin American initiative that was rewarded and received US $20,000 and global exposure and diffusion. The project, that has been developed for 6 years and has been used by more than 1,200,000 students, was chosen for “being a good example of an outstanding practice that fosters a community of students to share, build knowledge and collaborate with each other by using all the means of communication that teens use to learn in and out of the classroom“, as was said by the Qatar Foundation.

The learning environment at PSU EducarChile is a community that delivers in depthcontents and includes the more vulnerable people in the country. The experience of this digital system allowed students to study despite the earthquake, student walkouts and geographical distances. 

Ana Maria Raad, director at EducarChile highlights WISE’s recognition: “This is definitely an exceptional opportunity to place Chile in the center of educational innovation. We have been recognized for being an example to the world in terms of the impact on the equity of education as well as in the quality and capacity to innovate and replicate itself. We are proud to represent a public and national initiative that is widely used by students in Chile“.

As to the following steps, Ana María is optimistic: “About the future after WISE, certainly opportunities to connect with similar experiences or that develop innovative proposals applicable to our context, they have been significantly broadened, we want to replicate these ideas here and take ours to the rest of the world. We are looking for partners to implement these good ideas“.

Thus, for example, Ana Maria Raad, says that at the meeting, Indian specialists were interested in replicating the Educarchile website in that country, due to its impact and significance. 

Regarding the WISE awards for education

Beginning in 2009, the WISE awards identify, exhibit and promote innovative educational projects worldwide. To this date, they have received 1,600 applications from 128 countries, which resulted in 122 finalists and 24 winning projects. The 24 successful projects have come from a variety of countries around the world including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Africa, Turkey, the UK and the USA. These initiatives coming from “real world” are gradually building a set of best practices that have both a local and global impact in education.

More information visit: http://www.wise-qatar.org/