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Candidates presented energetic developments in the “Primaries Forum: Presidential Power”

Publicado: 13 junio, 2013 Categorías:

“Presidential Power” an initiative promoted by Escenarios Energéticos- Chile 2030, invited the presidential candidates that participated in the June 30th Primaries, to raise their programmatic proposals on energetic-electric.

Escenarios Estratégicos – Chile 2030, which executive committee is integrated by Empresas Eléctricas A.G., the Chile Sustentable Program, Generadoras de Chile A.G., Fundación Chile, Fundación Avina y Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, is the only cross and multi-sectorial discussion initiative on energetic  issues that exists in the country with the purpose of contributing to the building of a integrated vision of an energetic-electric matrix, its economic and socio-environmental impacts, the role of renewable energies and the efficiency of energy. 

Presidential candidates from Pacto Nueva Mayoría: José Antonio Gómez (PRSD- Socialist), Claudio Orrego (PDC- Democrat) and Andres Velasco (Independent); and candidate from the Alianza por Chile: Andrés Allamand (RN- ruling political party), set out their programmatic advances on energetic-electric issues in this second Presidential Energy Forum that was organized by Escenarios Estratégicos- Chile 2030 and broadcasted by CNN Chile.

The aspiring presidential candidates displayed and debated on the initiatives that each intends to implement in a potential new government.