CERTFOR, Forest Certification

Publicado: 23 agosto, 2012

CERTFOR is the Chilean System Certification of sustainable forest management, leader in Latin America.

The main companies in the national forest sector are certified by CERTFOR, which makes it the system with more certified areas in Chile with 1.9 million hectares from eight companies and 43 chains of custody.

The CERTFOR Certification System has standards of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) for Plantations and Native Forest, of Group Certification and Chain of Custody, which allows supporting wood from managed forests under sustainability criteria.

The CERTFOR/PEFC Certification, that was authorized by PEFC in October 2004, provides to the national companies the recognition of the largest seal of sustainable forest management in the world.

Currently, the PEFC has 35 member countries and 28 globally recognized schemes.