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Chile will host the 2013 Latin American Water Week

Publicado: 23 noviembre, 2012 Categorías:

In order to become a single platform to exchange ideas, experiences and practices around a better use and management of water in the countries of the region, Fundación Chile -together with Diario Financiero- are organizing the first Latin American Water Week that will be held between March 17 and 22, 2012, at the Sheraton Miramar Hotel, in Viña del Mar.

The event pursues to bepart of the global circuit of meetings that are annually organized in countries like the U.S., Sweden and Singapore, in order to explore the challenges between water, society, the environment and the economy, and build capacities and provide concrete solutions in order to give sustainability to this resource. 

Latin American Water Week provides a unique forum for the exchange of experiences and practices between the scientific, business, political and civic communities; through an emphasis on the development of innovative and new policies by different stakeholders and multidisciplinary experts from around the world.

“This event will focus on a new way of thinking and a positive action towards water-related challenges and their impact on the environment, health, climate, the economy and the community“, said Juan Ramon Candia, manager of Water and Environment at Fundación Chile.

Among the activities the will be developed is the “Walk for Water”, that will take place on the World Water Day, March 22, and will be based on success initiatives such as “The World Longest Toilet Queue” a 2010 campaign, and “The World Walks for Water” in 2011. In fact, last year, 350,000 people were involved in this kind of actions that imitates the distance that considerable portions of the African people have to travel to search for this resource.