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We promote new species for the industry, helping reduce the global aquaculture gap in order to aspire feeding the human race


We validate through bioassays, the products of over 30 national and international aquaculture supply companies

Agriculture and livestock innovation

We transfer knowledge to domestic farmers to design solutions that improve their yields

Healthy Revolution

We join forces in food innovation by bringing in every actor on the food value chain


Foods and Biotechnology / Aquaculture

We contribute to improving the food and aquaculture industry in a continuous analytical process of the value chain, starting with research and development applied in the benefit of the productive sector.

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Cultimar (1982)

Creation of the Tongoy Marine Aquaculture Center, which in 2012 achieved its biggest oyster larva cultivation ever.
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Vacuum-Packed Meat (1982)

The final result of the project was an improvement in product quality and the economic development of a new internal market. Later, the spinoff company Procarne was created and sold off.

Caprilac (1983)

Beginning of operations of the Caprilac Corporation, a goat milk industrialization project for the production of fine cheeses that seeks to support small milk producers.

Berries La Unión (1985)

A company created from a Berry production project. Its goal is to introduce horticultural production alternatives for export in the south of the country, evaluating the commercial behavior of the introduced species; namely, hybrid cultivated blueberries and blackberries.

Salmones Huillinco (1987)

First salmon plant in Chile, which began operations in the South of the country.

Chevrita (1994)

Creation of Chevrita, the first and only Chilean plant to produce and export goat milk products.

Asociación Productores de Salmón y Trucha (1997)

We supported the creation of the Association of Producers of Salmon and Trout, the precursor of Salmón Chile, which incentivized the introduction of new aquaculture species with high global demand: Catfish and Southern Cod.

Alimtec (2006)

Pioneering industry at the global level in the development and application of natural pigments for salmon, developing an innovation used in Chile, Japan, Canada, Australia, Panama, and the USA.

Biofrutales (2006)

A fruit varietal management company that started the first program in Chile for genetic improvement of peaches and nectarines.

World-class salmon vaccine (2008)

First polyvalent vaccine for the control of Piscirikettsia (SRS) and Vibrio, that was developed in a joint effort between Fundación Ciencia para la Vida (Science for Life Foundation), Novartis, and FCh. For the first time, a globally patented vaccine was researched, developed, and produced in the country.

High tech bulbs (2008)

Rise of Multiflora Casablanca, part of Fundación Chile and the Viollier family, which develops in vitro micro-propagation of first-rate lillum and calla lily bulbs for exportation through the specialization of local women.

Ecosea Farming (2008)

Pioneering development of innovative new metallurgical technology for making copper mesh with optimal properties for salmon farm cages.

Oleotop (2008)

Aiming to substitute fish oil as a major energy supplier in the diet of salmon, the Oleotop Company produced raps-canola vegetable oil, giving the industry growth sustainability.

OMEGA 3 Foods (2008)

Aiming to enrich foods for mass consumption with an essential nutrient for disease prevention, Fundación Chile, INTA, and De La Barra Ltda. created a food additive based on salmon oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Nutraceutical Products with Chilean maqui (2010)

The goal is to establish a platform for the identification, development, and commercialization of biologically active functional nutraceutical products derived from maqui and other native Chilean plants.

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Intervención de Víctor Hugo Puchi en el seminario 10:20:40

En el siguiente video presentamos la intervención que realizó el presidente de AquaChile, Víctor Huho Puchi, en el marco del seminario de aniversario “10:20:40”. En la ocasión se celebraron los 20 años de trayectoria del Centro Experimental Quillaipe, los 10 de…

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Intervención de José Ramón Gutiérrez en seminario 10:20:40

En el siguiente video presentamos la intervención que realizó el presidente ejecutivo de Multiexport Foods, José Ramón Gutiérrez, en el marco del seminario de aniversario “10:20:40”. En la ocasión se celebraron los 20 años de trayectoria del Centro Experimental Quillaipe, los…

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Cultivo Seriola lalandi Fundación Chile 2013

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Chile Saludable (volumen 5)

El presente documento es un estudio que analiza la alimentación en el país.  Su propósito es revisar los componentes de un programa nacional que aumente el consumo de productos del mar, para movilizar a los actores públicos y privados en una…

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Programa Corvina – Boletín Informativo Etapa 2

El presente boletín informativo entrega un resumen de las principales actividades realizadas en la etapa 2 del Programa Corvina, comprendida entre mayo 2014 y diciembre 2015.

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Brochure Programa PDACH Corvina

El documento describe a grandes rasgos el “Programa Integrado para el Desarrollo Sustentable del Cultivo de Corvina”, que desarrollan Fundación Chile y Corfo con el fin de integrar la corvina en la oferta acuícola nacional.

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Oportunidades para la industria de alimentos saludables – PPT Andrés Barros en Ñam 2015

Con la charla “Oportunidades para la industria de alimentos saludables” Fundación Chile participó en la última versión del Festival Latinoamericano de Gastronomía Ñam, evento que se realizó en Santiago para celebrar la unión de la cocina con la cultura.

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Presentaciones Lanzamiento Chile Saludable Volumen III

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Seminario Sustentabilidad y vida útil en envases alimentarios

Un proyecto que elabora envases para las carnes con material 100% reciclado y reciclable, junto con tecnologías que logran extender la vida útil del producto, es el objetivo del proyecto “Desarrollo de una nueva línea de envases sustentables para comercialización…

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