Fundación Chile

Brand Values

MISSION: Our mission is to introduce high-impact innovations and boost human capital to increase Chile’s competitiveness, promoting and developing the economy through technology and networks in partnership with local and global knowledge transfers.




There may be many ways and forms to shape our initiatives:

CREATING DIRECT VALUE: Technology transfer is implemented by creating companies that allow disseminating innovation, or patenting technologies that introduce and disseminate solutions in the economy.

CREATION OF INDIRECT VALUE: Are those initiatives that enable us to create the conditions for new technologies to be installed in Chile, creating a suitable ecosystem to propel development through innovation.

SERVICES: We offer a vast array of innovative services. We adapt know-how and different technologies according to our clients’ needs. Each consultancy is unique. The services allow us to have a constant connection with the market, keeping an eye out for new needs, and massifying innovation.




We act as Do Tank in tune with the needs of our clients and taking in consideration the permanent feedback from the market. We move forward and adapt with concrete actions, driving and perfecting our initiatives to capture value and generate larger impact.



We connect people and institutions from different areas, reckoning common purposes and interests, articulating discussions and actions that allow us jointly moving forward in pro to our shared challenges.



We understand the importance of counting with multiple sources of input and feedback, valuing the creation of opportunities and ideas from a multidisciplinary approach. Furthermore, we understand our role in the innovation ecosystem, which requires from us to be permanently and actively updated on the challenges and interests of our counterparties and the market.



We organize our work to reach the goals that have been set, achieving high quality standard products. We continuously monitor our results and the impact of our projects.

Our Culture


People are our greatest asset, and organizational culture is a critical hub for business success. We have a management and cultural intervention program that permanently seeks installing greater adaptive capacity in our teams, promote a more agile and interconnected dynamic that favors synergistic and collaborative work. Courage, initiative, and mainstreaming are the cultural qualities we mobilize and that constitute our trademark as an organization.