Fundación Chile

Our organization

We are a private non-profit organization that fosters innovation. Our partners are the State of Chile and BHP-Billiton-Minera Escondida. At Fundación Chile we develop local and international networks, delivering high impact solutions in areas such as sustainability, human capital development, education, aquaculture, entrepreneurship, and foods.

Throughout our existence we have become a “do tank”, creating more than 65 companies in diverse productive areas in the country, promoting new industries and innovative products within the main natural resource areas of the country, generating value, quality, and new exports. We have shared the national purpose of delivering high-impact technological solutions through transference, adaptation, research, and development. This demanding task has required a joint-management with more than 160 international organizations -companies, governments and technological centers, among others- in 35 countries.


We incentivize the ability to innovate and grow in the country’s various productive sectors. We accompany the emerging challenges of human capital, impacting the productivity and competitiveness of Chile and we drive key productive sectors forward for the country’s development through open innovation.

We contribute to improving the food and aquaculture industry in a continuous analytical process of the value chain, starting with research and development applied in the benefit of the productive sector.

We promote the country's sustainability and competitiveness by applying innovative solutions to matters of water and energy, corporate sustainability, and socio-environmental management of the territory.

We connect with the needs of kindergartens, schools and technical-professional schools, articulating proposals from public policies for on-site improvements. We contribute to updating Education to respond to the challenges of the 21st Century.

EmprendeFCh is the entrepreneurship platform of Fundación Chile, a space that draws, picks and supports innovative high-impact ventures to develop new projects in Chile and around the world.