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FCh leads the projects that encourage entrepreneurship in young people

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Innovum’s management together with Endeavor set out to develop a project for technical-professional high school students that support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation skills of young people and trainers from 5 regions of the country.
For the development of the program, various methodologies have been used such as EmprendeJoven, Junior Achievement, Innorus, Imagina and Exploro mi camino from NFTE.

In this context, two closing activities were developed for the programs implemented in Puerto Montt and Ovalle.

Technical Meeting in Puerto Montt

In the context of the closing of the CORFO project, Entorno Emprendedor (Entrepreneurship Environment or PAE), a technical panel was developed to analyze the results thereof, with experts in the field among which were Alejandro Weinstein; the Higher Technical Education Executive Secretary from the Ministry of Education, Rodrigo Carrasco Arata; the Regional Director; CORFO Los Lagos and some students participating in the project.

The School Entrepreneurship Program sought to develop entrepreneurial skills in 3rd and 4th year high school students, 7 municipal technical schools from the Los Lagos Region, being implemented for three years. Its continuity and expansion has been led by the NGO Channels from Business Council, extending its coverage to 18 institutions in the region.

Successful closing of “Exploro mi camino (I explore my way)” in the Region of Coquimbo 

The meeting, organized by Fundación Chile, CORFO and INACAP allowed sharing the results of the Exploro mi camino program with the educational community, businessmen and local authorities, and a panel of experts was set up on entrepreneurship training, allowing exchange experiences and the analysis of entrepreneurship from an educational point of view.

Exploro mi Camino’s methodology focuses on providing a learning scenario that favors the development of entrepreneurial skills in young people related to the assessment of self-management, the creation of value and innovation, not from a purely economic point of view but providing several entrepreneurial skills.

In addition, the purpose is that young people identify opportunities, face challenges, take risks, translate ideas into an action plan, work on networks and implement a project.

To enhance the achievements of this initiative, volunteers from various institutions and companies participated, in order to connect and build networks between the educational world of schools and the productive sector of the region in order to promote the entrepreneurial projects generated by students themselves.

Future perspectives 

During the development of these initiatives, efforts were made the secure the continuity of both projects.

Thus, in the Los Lagos Region, the Business Advisory Council, through its NGO channels, is already implementing the Puro Poder (Pure Power) methodology designed by Fundación Chile, extending its coverage to 18 schools. 

In turn, in Ovalle, INACAP, through the Vice-dean of La Serena campus committed efforts to provide continuity in High school junior and senior years to the Exploro mi camino methodology, through technical assistance from its monitors’ network.