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More than 50 HR representatives of mining were trained in skills management

Publicado: 20 junio, 2014 Categorías:

With an extensive participation began the workshops about Competence Management, developed by Innovum FCH, powerful tools to the management in the current labor market.

“Productivity is a pending challenge we have as a country and the tools that are provided in this workshop will focus on that. The purpose is to ensure the transfer of knowledge to the job, improving the productivity of people in their organization, “said Philip Wood, director of Human Capital of Innovum FCH.

The first version of this workshop was for more than 50 HR representatives of 10 mining companies that form the CCM (Mining Skills Council), an initiative of the Mining Council, with the expert advice of Innovum FCH and 4 supplier companies belonging to Aprimin.

“It is remarkable the interest and appreciation that has taken the mining sector this workshop, evaluating the importance of a common language. This is manifested in the high participation of professionals, “said Christian Schnettler, manager of CCM.

 “This time, the goal is to share a common language and lower standards of CCM to HR practices of each company, favoring the development of internal skills around management skills,” said Richard Diego, Director of Labor Force Mining Program of Innovum FCH.

The competency management is a methodology for developing human capital, applicable to any organization, public institutions or private companies. For more information about Skills Management Workshops contact Loreto Santana: