Presidential candidates explain their vision on the Chilean Energy Matrix for 2030

Publicado: 10 abril, 2013

Energía Presidencial” is an initiative that pursues promoting the presidential candidates’ definitions on energetic matters. The project is developed by the platform Escenarios Energéticos: Chile 2030 –a multi-sector dialogue instance that gathers Empresas Eléctricas A.G., the Chile Sustentable program, Generadoras de Chile A.G. and Fundación Chile, among others; and contemplates delivering a dossier to all applicants to La Moneda that contains information on the sector and an invitation to present their programmaticproposals and raise this issue as one of their campaigns’ priorities. During the following 6 months, the platform will work directly with the candidates by conducting technical workshops and a series of forums and debates that will be broadcasted by TVN (National Public Television). When the process is concluded, a compilation of each candidate’s proposals will be published and document that is intended to become a tool for the civic monitoring of their implementation. EEChile 2030 had already organized the first presidential debate on the energetic matrix during the 2009 elections.