Salmon Farming

Publicado: 23 agosto, 2012

As internal regulations do not allow to purchase this type of goods, the managers from that period must amend their statutes, creating the current model of subsidiary company development. The first was Salmones Antártica Ltda., which year later was sold in Japan.

Four years later we began the farming on the well-known net-cages, trying first with coho salmon in Chiloé and Aysén. This caused quite commotion in the area in which we began to deliver support services, we build two plants of wet food and processing, respectively, and also we created Salmones Huillinco and Salmotec companies, both transferred to the private sector.

In the last decade we continue to work for the benefit of the Chilean salmon farming, with initiatives such as the development of a Code of Good Practice for Environmentally well Managed Salmonid Farming Centers, and working together with the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida and Novartis to create a polyvalent vaccine against Piscirickettsial in the country.

We started the production of industrial scale Natural Astaxanthin from microalgae (Haematococcus pluvial) in Chile, in order to respond with a natural product to the demands of international markets. Astaxanthin is a basic component in the salmon diet; it is responsible for its red-orange characteristic.

In 2008, before the outbreak of the ISA virus, we participated in the “Salmon Table”, instance where we established recommendations to address the problems of the sector in a technical, economic and global way.

The innovation in processes and added value has also been an important activity, with initiatives such as processing of salmon farming co-products by enzymatic biotechnology, generating protein concentrates and isolates of fish for human consumption, and the formulation of additives high in omega-3 fatty acids for the fortification of mass consumption foods.

Furthermore, we have addressed technologies and procedures of salmon harvest, which allow operating under low stress and welfare.

Also, in our Technology Center in Quillaipe we carry out bioassay services for salmon farming and industry in general.

In 2010 we signed a partnership agreement with the Fraunhofer Institut in Germany which will develop a line of work of biotechnology in aquaculture.