The Mining Counsel together with Innovum from FCh presented the Mining Skills Council’s first products

Publicado: 05 abril, 2013

As “an unprecedented work in Chile, a revolution for technical and vocational training in the country, and a concrete contribution from the mining sector to employability and to the improvement of the sector’s productivity” said Joaquín Villarino, Executive Chairman at the Mining Counsel, when describing the relevance of the first 2 products released by the Mining Skills Council (CCM): the study “Chilean Large-scale Mining Industry Workforce 2012-2020” and the report “Qualifications Framework for the Mining Sector”.

This release resulted from a strategic alliance with Innovum from our Fundación,  that prepared these two new publications, and was present at this release through Álvaro Fischer, Chairman at Fundación Chile; the Manager of Innovum, Hernán Araneda and Diego Richard, Director of the Workforce Mining Program at Innovum from FCh.

The Workforce Mining Study that will be presented on Friday, April 12th in FCh’s seminar “Talent for Mining, a global challenge for the industry” within the frame of the 2013 Cesco Week, contains an updated and complete version of a similar report conducted in 2011, since it had participation of a greater number of large-scale mining companies and a considerable number of suppliers. This work evidences the existing offer and demand deficit in terms of human capital with skills relevant to mining. The previous labor demand projection for the period 2011-2020 considered 44,000 new workers to the primary value chain (considering only extraction, processing and maintenance labors), and the current projection is 38,000, which includes work opportunities that will be generated due to the retirement of workers that reach their retirement age.

This decrease is explained by the fact that the projection period was shortened by one year; by the postponement of projects and the resulting contract offsets; and by the need to increase competitiveness. Companies are changing their labor productivity parameters, projecting for the future the hiring of fewer people per ton of ore to be produced“, said Villarino.

Qualifications Framework for the Mining Sector” meanwhile, is a free material available for the informative industry and whoever wants to get employability in mining. This framework -unique in the country- defines and communicates the work skills required to perform well in the extraction, processing and maintenance of Chilean metal mining. It also shares projected training needs for profiles from levels 1 to 5 (specialized technicians), for workers in both mining companies and their suppliers, by establishing knowledge, skills and the expected application contexts and learning routes.

Álvaro Fischer, Chairman at Fundación Chile, pointed out that this project has required an unprecedented cooperation between companies of the mining area, without neglecting their natural competence in other areas. “The large-scale mining sector has shown an undisputed leadership compared to other industries, and the CCM collects information that allows the industry and the trainers and those who want to work, to make the right decisions” he said.