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Today at FCh: “Leaders on Innovation: successful models in Switzerland and Chile”

Publicado: 21 marzo, 2013 Categorías:

In recent years, Switzerland became a world leader on innovation. Its success is based on its public education and research system, a strong economy with high private investment on research and development (R&D) and close collaboration between private companies and public research universities and specialized higher technical training schools. 

In order to analyze this model, t on Thursday March 21, at Fundación Chile’s premises,  took place the seminar “Leaders on Innovation: successful models in Switzerland and Chile” that was  organized by the Swiss Embassy, the Chilean- Swiss Chamber of Commerce, ErnstBasler and Partner and Fundación Chile. 

We are in the year of innovation and we all have been invited to see a different Chile. At Fundación Chile we are always exploring and looking for other realities where to learn. We search for different experiences in the world that can contribute to the country to form its own strategy, capturing the best of each of these countries and adapting them to our reality“, said Marcos Kulka, General Manager/CEO of Fundación Chile.

The Swiss Ambassador in Chile, Yvonne Baumann, said “This seminar is a contribution to the year of innovation in Chile. Through this event and those that follow, we want to open spaces, share with Chile and exchange experiences to promote innovation“. 

She added that her country “continuous innovation is the engine of our economic growth and prosperity. It is essential and a condition for the survival of our economy“. 

Meanwhile, Hernán Cheyre, executive vice-president at CORFO Chile, said “we have to do things differently and we will succeed on it through innovation. We want to generate a change in our mentality. Indeed there is a commitment to strengthen investigation because we are convinced that this is the only way to become a developed country“.

Later, José Manuel Santa Cruz, Minister of Economy, made reference to Chile’s innovation challenges from the eyes of the public sector, and Ingrid Kissling – Näf, former head of the humanities and social sciences division, of the Swiss National Science Foundation, developed on the Swiss innovation system from a public perspective.

 The meeting ended with a panel on exchange of experience between Chile and Switzerland, under the responsibility of Fundación Chile’s general manager, Álvaro Fischer.