Avonni – Natural Resources Arauco – 2015

Fresh Water, an undertaking supported by Fundación Chile and Socialab, comprised by an equipment that generates purified water from thin air, won first place in Avonni’s National Innovation Prize, Natural Resources Arauco category .

Avonni – Electricity Power Companies – 2015

The Espejo de Tarapacá Valhalla Project won Avonni’s National Innovation Prize 2015 in the Electricity Power Companies category. This transforming initiative for the country makes possible non-conventional renewable energies ensuring a constant energy supply.

Best Sustainable Initiatives

The platform “Learn with Energy”, developed jointly with the Chilean Ministry of Energy, was recognized in the category “Education” of the Best Sustainable Initiatives 2015Awards of the Sustainability HUB for its contribution to the development of an informed society regarding the country’s energy challenges.

Best Sustainable Initiatives

For its sustainable production-oriented policy, the Sustainability Supplier Development Program, executed with Walmart Chile, was awarded first place in the “SMEs Environmental Initiative” category of the Best Sustainable Initiatives of the Sustainability HUB.

Latinoamérica Verde Awards

Fundación Chile’s project “Agua del Sol Pampanunes” stood out among others being ranked n° 15 in the “Water” category at a regional level.

Distinction for Chile in Global Efficient Lighting Forum Beijing 2014

Ana María Ruz, Assistant Manager of Sustainable Energy FCh, received an award for Chile for advances in energy efficiency, outstanding in Latin America.

Great Place to Work 2013 and 2014

We were part of the labor climate study and were highlighted in the ranking that presents the 50 best businesses to work at in Chile.

Global Benchmark of Business University Incubators 2014

EmprendeFCh was distinguished as the best incubator associated with universities by “Global Benchmark of Business University Incubators”, the first study that identifies the highest-performing incubators in the world.

Best Businessman and Businesses Award 2013

Second place as “Best Entrepreneurship Supporter” and “Best Public-Private Initiative”.

Fundación Chile got two nods at the “Best Businessman and Businesses” Awards 2013, an initiative organized by Diario Financiero. There were awards in 12 categories and FCh won two second places in the categories of “Best Entrepreneurship Supporter” and “Best Public-Private Initiative”.

Chile Verde Prize for Solar Installers – 2012

The project’s objective was to implement an accreditation program for solar installers based on work competencies, to raise the productive cycle and the commercialization of the technology in the country, generating trust on the end-point consumers and contributing to market maturity.

Presidential Consulting Commission for Urban Development – 2012

Nicola Borregaard, who was our Foundation’s Director/Manager for Energy and Climate Change until 2014, formed part of the Presidential Consulting Commission for Urban Development, in 2012. This commission’s objective is to consult the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development on the formulation of a New National Urban Development Policy.

Consulting Commission for Electric Development (CADE) – 2012

Nicola Borregaard, who was our Foundation’s Director/Manager for Energy and Climate Change until 2014, formed part of the Consulting Commission for Electric Development (CADE), in 2012. This commission’s objective is to create a diagnostic test and a proposal for management and regulatory instruments for the electric sector.

Member of the Consulting Council of the Environmental Ministry – 2012

Nicola Borregaard, who was our Foundation’s Director/Manager for Energy and Climate Change until 2014, was a Member of the Consulting Council of the Environmental Ministry for the period 2010-2012.

Chile Verde – 2012

GEOTEST® a technology developed by Fundación Chile that allows for geochemical characterization of massive mining residues in real conditions, and evaluate their chemistry during the mine’s life cycle, was recognized in 2012 by “Chile Verde. Actions for a sustainable world.”

Avonni – Industrial Innovation Award – 2011

The revolutionary system of copper for fish farming won the trophy in its category. This methodology will permit development of aquaculture in Chile and around the world in areas that are exposed to adverse climate conditions.

Avonni prize finalist – 2011

The initiative “Quality Model for Scholastic Management and External Certification System for Scholastic Effectiveness”, developed by the Education Innovation Center, was chosen as a finalist for the 2011 Avonnis.

Congress grants Bicentennial medal to educarchile portal – 2011

The National Congress granted the Bicentennial Medal to the educational portal educarchile as recognition for the contribution it’s made to Chilean education in its 10 years of life.

Chilectra Women’s Award – 2011

Annie Dufey, who was Director of Research & Development in the Energy and Climate Change area of FCh, was honored in 2011 by Chilectra for her contribution to the country’s social development.

Green Book – 2011

Various initiatives in Water and Environmental matters developed by Fundación Chile were chosen to be part of the “Bright Green Book”.

Avonni – Innovation in Climate Change – 2010

The Municipality of Vitacura, together with the SCX Corporation (formed by Celfin Capital and Fundación Chile), created an innovative way to face climate change, carrying out an estimate of the CO2 emitted by the Civic Center and offsetting it, becoming the first carbon neutral municipal building in Latin America.

Chile Verde Prize for Automotive Carbon Footprint – 2010

For two years in a row, 2010 and 2011, anyone renewing their car permit in Vitacura in March could see their car’s carbon footprint and offset the emissions of gasses associated with the Greenhouse Effect.

Chile Verde. Acciones para un mundo sustentable – 2010

m-risk, a successful spinoff of our Foundation, was recognized in 2010 by “Chile Verde. Energía y Medio Ambiente, la suma que multiplica” (Green Chile. Energy and the Environment, the Sum that Multiplies), which groups a total of 80 initiatives executed along all of Chile seeking to protect the environment and promote efficient energy use, turning it into something more sustainable.

Internauta Chile Award for Best Educational Initiative in IT – 2010

In the frame of the celebrations for World Internet Day, educarchile received the “Iniciativa Educativa TICs” (IT Eduational Initiative) award, given by the Chilean Internet users’ association in 2010.

Best Technological Innovation – 2009

MILAF Technology (for the treatment of arsenical muds) won an award in 2009 from the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas – Austin as one of the best technological innovations in Chile to be promoted worldwide.

UNESCO Award – King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa – 2009

UNESCO recognized the work of the Network of Innovative Professors for the creation in 2006 of a web portal to give assistance to teachers in the IT area, as well as forming a community of these professionals to facilitate the exchange of suitable practices.

Innovation made in Chile – 2008

The initiative “Diagnóstico de Competencias Docentes y Directivas” (Diagnostic of Competencies for Teachers and Staff), developed by Fundación Chile in the framework of its Scholastic Management Program, was recognized in the book “Innovación made in Chile 2008” for exemplary cases of Innovation.