Collaborative work to address the CoVid-19 crisis

At Fundación Chile we are active in response to the health emergency, addressing the country’s challenges collaboratively and mobilizing efforts from different sectors.

We are making available all our experience and our capacity to articulate initiatives to promote solutions that have a social impact, that are scalable, and that can be rapidly implemented; combining public and private, national and international efforts, and activating the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have called the work we will be deploying during this period Collaboration & Life (Colaboración y Vida) to provide special emphasis on the health solutions currently needed and on collaborative work. We are certain that the only possible solution to this crisis and the only way to move forward is by doing so collectively.

We are addressing challenges in the areas of health, prevention, care for vulnerable groups, activation of the economy and operational continuity support for SMEs, access to education, teleworking, training, reskilling, among others; addressing the welfare of individuals and the community.

At the same time, we are still actively involved with our other initiatives, using the home-office modality and relying on different digital formats to support our events and projects; continuing with our mission to promote sustainable and inclusive development in Chile.