What we do

We connect with the needs of preschools, schools and vocational schools, articulating proposals for on-site improvements from a public policy perspective. We contribute to answer the 21st century educational challenges.

We promote the School of the 21st Century +

We provide knowledge and tools for the development, skills and abilities of the 21st Century; exploring innovative methodologies to adapt them and transfer them to the national context, and actively promoting the pedagogical use of technologies, through our programs and virtual spaces.

We develop skills in teachers, directors and sustainers +

We offer chances for ongoing education and perfecting, focused on raising the skills and competencies of the educational professionals that the system requires.

We draw on a wide network of collaborative alliances with prestigious national and inter-national institutions and organism, focused on the exploration and reproducibility of successful models for the school system, and we create orientations and digital educational material to support the work of teaching and management.

We fortify technical and professional secondary education +

We provide focused on-the-ground support to polytechnics, based on the installation of competencies in key areas of teaching and management tasks, contributing with content of interest to the entire TP community, and developing interactive educational resources to enrich classes. We promote dialogue and analysis, bringing in successful experiences and specialized voices as a contribution to the development of technical education in Chile and we offer cutting-edge programs for continuing education and perfecting, aimed at shaping the TP secondary education professionals that Chile needs.

Complementing the work on the ground, our Center develops applied research through its Studies area, whose main objective is to contribute to a better comprehension of the school system by systematizing evidence that contributes to educational policy decisions in Chile.


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