Foods and Aquaculture: About Us

Our Foods and Aquaculture Area is a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals in agronomy, biology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, nutrition and engineering.

We seek to improve the competitiveness and productivity of the national food sector, develop-ing and transferring high-impact innovative sustainable technology solutions. We want to improve Chileans’ quality of life through healthy food.

Our aquaculture are has over 35 years’ experience. We’ve created over 15 companies for production and support services connected to the national aquaculture and fishing industry; our dossier of R&D projects in progress is over 4 million dollars.


Flavio Araya Mourgues

Director of Food Productivity

Martin Hevia

Executive Director of Aquaculture

Cristóbal Cobo

Director Programa Corvina


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