What we do

We have a history of more than 35 years in the food industry, being leaders in the creation and assistance of different export industries, such as salmon.

We are pioneers in the creation of the salmon industry and the aquaculture diversification in Chile and the development of technological packages for the aquaculture production of new native species of high commercial value.

Aquaculture +

We contribute to the development of Chilean aquaculture through efficient and excellent technological management, focused on the development of businesses that ensure their competitiveness and sustainability in the long term.

We support the Diversification Programs of Chilean Aquaculture, we operate and spread R&D&i projects, we develop technologies to increase aquaculture species with commercial potential, and incorporate new value products from the by-products of the aquaculture industry.
In addition to our offices in Santiago, we have two Experimental Centers –in Tongoy and Quillaipe– that actively work on innovation developments, through the introduction of new species and the transfer of technologies and knowledge to the industry, maintaining our commitment to lead high impact projects.

Food Productivity +

We contribute to improving the production standards of food industries, by searching for innovative solutions in problems such as safety and traceability to develop labels that accredit food quality. Likewise, we support the augmentation of agricultural productivity in our country, responding to the reality of global food scarcity, caused among other factors by the demographic explosion, climate change, and urbanization.

Healthy Food +

Responding to global tendencies of prevention, health and welfare; we help with the challenge of diminishing obesity rates and unhealthy habits in our society. This, we do through raising and information analysis of our country’s current situation in healthy living terms, with which we generate content and indicators that support public policies and the productive sector.

We also add motivation to the development of innovative food businesses, delivering total solutions to businesses in diverse knowledge areas and in different parts of the innovation process, from conceptualization to commercialization. We develop new technologies to obtain ingredients and supplies from national raw materials, maximizing the value of Chilean products and supporting national industry.


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