Human Development

At Innovum, we foster innovative and creative capacities in the country’s various productive sectors. We accompany the emerging challenges of human capital, impacting the productivity and competitiveness of Chile and we drive key productive sectors forward for the country’s development through open innovation.



30 thousand competency certificates (2008)

A total of 300 businesses and 30,000 workers were certified up to 2008 under the country’s labor competencies program, under Fundación Chile in association with Sence, ChileCalifica and FDI-Corfo.


Mining Challenges Map (2011)

Study that systematizes and prioritizes the industry’s challenges for the next 20 years, besides giving orientation to suppliers and contractors regarding the new technologies and processes needed in the sector.


Great Mining Workforce (2012)

In 2012, we created the Workforce Project in the Great Chilean Mining, which unites the industry through the Mining Council, with the goal of defining the standards needed by the industry for its human capital’s training.


Great Mining Qualifications Framework (2012)

Tool developed by the Mining Council’s CCM and Fundación Chile, which seeks to facilitate adjustment between training supply and the competencies required by the industry, in accordance with the amount and quality required.


First Great Mining Workforce Study (2012)

Study developed by the Mining Council’s CCM and Fundación Chile, which seeks to quantify the human capital gaps that will be faced by the copper, gold and silver mining industries in Chile, as a result of the investments planned for the next several years.


Amplia Project (2012)

Initiative of Fundación Chile together with the National Employment and Training Service and the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, to Fortify the labor training industry, through the creation of a quality framework.


Mining Competencies Council (2012)

Initiative, with backing from the Mining Council and the methodological leadership of FCh, whose goal is to provide, as an industry, standards, information and tools that will help adjust the training of technicians and professionals to the mining labor market’s demand.


Mining Cluster Providers (2012)

Program that seeks to count on a supplier sector with high innovative potential, capable of adding value to mining businesses and sustainably facing technological challenges.


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