Circular HR is the human capital consultancy of Fundación Chile. We work together with organizations as a partner to achieve transformations that ensure a solid vision of the future for people and business. We promote impact changes in companies, institutions and productive sectors of the country, through innovation in people management.

We work for the development of the skills that people require to face the changing world of the market and services of the 21st century. We design the work of the future, we visualize a new generation of organizations that are more agile, imaginative, efficient and sustainable.

How we do it?

By developing projects in a collaborative way, together with a wide network of national and international partners, offering services to companies, government and professional training institutions, through our three service lines:



Our aim is to help management teams improve their decision-making processes within their organizations as key factors for the success of business strategies, with a direct impact on results.

This requires developing skills among leaders and teams and so we are the ones who will travel alongside them in developing their behavioral skills, talent management, assessing their performance and the generating the right targets and incentives for alignment, among other key changes geared toward successfully achieving the organization’s aims.


We disrupt people’s productivity inside their organizations by means of a collaborative analysis of their core processes and functions, seeking to improve the quality and efficiency of their day-to-day affairs whilst ensuring operational continuity, safety and environmental standards which are all critical elements for achieving business targets.

We design models for development as well as evaluations that vouch for people on the inside of each company, pinpointing critical skills connected to board indicators depending on each organization’s specific and future challenges.


We create and foster high impact organizational changes, mobilizing people and teams in the face of new challenges regarding processes requiring one or several business areas. We prepare human capital for future jobs within the context of digital changes, automation and high volatility.

We support and manage changes, cultures and digital transformation and we have innovated in methodology with our own models for measuring and managing engagement in the workplace with successful applications in both domestic as well as in international organizations.