Since its inception, Fundación Chile has promoted the creation of innovative companies to boost the development of new and better markets in Chile. ChileGlobal Ventures was born for supporting world-class entrepreneurs working on innovative and disruptive solutions in impact industries from Chile to the world.

We seek to generate better and greater opportunities for all the actors in the venture capital industry, by investing in startups that develop impact innovations in sectors of high potential and interest to the country and Latin America.

We attract, support, select and accompany entrepreneurs with innovative and high-impact solutions to develop new businesses in relevant industries in Chile and the world, creating a world-class community around venture capital.

We want to contribute to the economic growth of Chile and Latin America to the competitiveness and diversification of the national economy through the different tools provided by the venture capital industry. This way we connect the supply, delivered by startups with impact solutions; with the demand, from investors and companies willing to bet on who’s building future of the country.



  • 193

    Supported startups

  • 50

    Mentors committed to the growth of startups

  • 11

    Open Innovation Programs

  • 120

    Million dollars invested

  • 19


  • 50



We aim to boost the best startups in the ecosystem using our model, attracting the different economic actors in Chile and Latam towards the venture capital industry, in order to promote innovative solutions with a global impact.



    Up to USD100K million financing through Corfo’s SSAF-I Fund.


    ChileGlobal Ventures’ accelerator program, with constant support for the development of the business and its growth.


    Access to Fundación Chile’s network, with the option of receiving support from professionals from the different specialised areas of the institution.



ChileGlobal Angels is the most active network of angel investors and the longest-running in Chile, which has the mission of helping traditional investors make the transition to become angel investors, through a comprehensive training academy, accompanying them from the first investment up to the exit.

For our angel investors to be able to access the best offer of startups in the market, our team makes a thorough search and selection of the best ventures, actively supporting the negotiation process, due diligence, closing of investments and portfolio follow-up.


ChileGlobal Ventures added a new impact line at the beginning of 2018, with its fund manager, where it collaborates with the venture capital arm of large institutions to connect them with early-stage and highly-scalable startups focused on the development of Chile and the region.

In addition, we seek and select the best enterprises from anywhere in the world to generate innovations of global impact from Chile. This way, they can take advantage of the smart capital from these contributors to accelerate their growth and become benchmarks of innovation in their respective markets, generating a virtuous circle that strengthens the national venture capital industry.


The CLIN Fund is a private investment fund, not regulated and not supervised by the Financial Markets Commission, managed by Inversiones Innovadoras SA, a Fundación Chile’s company -also a contributor- that began operating in March 2018.

It is a USD20 million fund, contributed in a 33% by private capital from investors: Zoma Capital, a private investment fund founded by Lucy Ana Avilés de Walton and Ben Walton; Entel, the most important telecommunications company in Chile and Peru, and Engie Factory, venture capital arm of Engie, world leader in energy; along with Corfo’s leverage of 67% of the total fund.



From the corporate area, we develop open innovation projects with companies and organisations, linking the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, the know-how of Fundación Chile and the productive sector to solve the key challenges of the industry.

We work with institutions in the identification and characterization of their challenges, looking for the best solutions offered by startups and suppliers in the market.

We design the insertion strategy and steering plan to subsequently implement the escalation within the organisation.

During the process we contribute to strengthen the companies’ innovation capabilities and to develop strategies for their sustainability.

We seek to involve companies in the task of turning Chile and Latin America into a pole of entrepreneurship and innovation, getting them to generate mutually beneficial long-term relationships with Chilean and foreign startups.

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