Mariano Pola

BHP Board Member

Mariano Pola is an Electrical Civil Engineer from Universidad de Chile, with a Business Management Diploma from the same educational institution. He has specialized in developing technological products in countries such as Chile, Brazil, and Taiwan. Mr. Pola co-founded and is partner and board member of Empresas Electrónicas Micrológica S.A. (Micrologic Electronic Companies), leading corporation in the design, development, implementation, installation, and operation of telematics m2m applications for the financial, health, retail, power, mining, industrial, and transportation sectors. Mariano Pola is also in academia, being a professor at Universidad de Chiles’ Engineering Faculty and member of the Business Advisory Council at the School of Informatics and Telecommunications, DUOC. Mr. Pola is board member of technology corporations such as Debtcontrol S.A., Liventus Global S.A., Telediagnósticos SpA, Reciclajes Industriales S.A., and MAP Energy SpA. He serves as Counselor for the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and is part of its Business Training Center board (the Centro de Capacitación Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Santiago).