Angela Oblasser

VP of Sustainability


Angela has more than 16-years-experience in the sustainability area, having specialized in multiple industries, such as mining, chemical, and oil. She holds German nationality and carried out her studies in Geoecology at the University of Freiberg. She excels for her global vision and deep understanding of the need to move towards a circular economy, as well as exploring models that allow reducing the use of finite resources, standing up to the consequences of climate change.

Throughout her career, she has developed international consulting services for the ECLAC and government entities, such as the Ministry of Mining, Sernageomin, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Superintendence of the Environment, as well as technological development and R&D projects related to innovative technologies, risk management tools, sustainability standards and indicators, and methodologies for the management of contaminated sites.

Angela has been part of Fundación Chile for the last 13 years, previously working as Director of Sustainability and Environmental Solutions, leading teams of excellence, articulating transformative projects, and developing key strategic alliances.