In Chile and worldwide, mining currently faces problems of incompatibility between the monitoring, automation and robotic technologies used in the different mining operations, which generates operational difficulties and makes the industry less competitive.

In this context, the “Technology Program for the Creation and Adoption of International Standards for Interoperability Mining” was established to create an international organization that enables the creation and adaptation of interoperability standards and international collaboration on common problems in mining.

What do we do?

The five-year program seeks to generate global mining standards that allow the growth of the sector towards intelligent mining.  For this, we will carry out a series of actions. Among these actions are a diagnosis of the current state of the development of interoperability standards for mining in Chile and the world, the development of a conceptual model for interoperability applicable to different technological platforms associated with the mining process, and the creation of an International Organization of Standards recognized globally. The mission of those will be to ensure the long-term use, adoption, management and maintenance of these standards.

What are we looking for?

To develop new international standards for interoperability that enable technological integration of the mining industry, which will allow companies to reduce operating costs and benefit from new technologies and the entry of new players, products, and services, promoting a more competitive, efficient and intelligent mining process.



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