Ayllu Solar


Ayllu Solar establishes a network of schools that develop the Project Based Learning Methodology (PBL) to address solar energy, a fundamental industry in the Arica region. In order to achieve this, Ayllu Solar focuses on training and supporting teachers and managers so that they can develop the necessary skills to transform the educational system of their schools.

Ayllu Solar Education intends to provide an active role to students while accompanying teachers in the process of educational and social transformation. The latter will be achieved by implementing coaching sessions for teachers and a constant transfer of PBL knowledge. This methodology promotes reflection and collaborative learning in the context of community problem-solving.


¿Qué hacemos?

For the first time in Chile the Project Based Learning methodology has been adapted to the national educational curriculum, and as a consequence, knowledge about solar energy has been incorporated. Such transformation was possible thanks to the rigorous work, designed by our educational experts, with the aim of understanding the learning experience of students and teachers.

¿Qué buscamos?

Ayllu Solar Education gives a leading role to students in order to bring community solutions from within the classroom. Ayllu Solar’s overall aim is to create a space dedicated to the collaboration of multiple sectors focused on the sun’s wealth and national capacity.

¿Quiénes participan?

Who participates?

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