Quillaipe Experimental Center


The Quillaipe Experimental Center is one of the two aquaculture centers of FCh and a modern research and development complex for aquaculture. Founded in 1996 in the Los Lagos Region, the Experimental Center is focused on the introduction, development, and transfer of technologies for the cultivation of aquatic species, with particular emphasis –due to its geographical location– on marine fish and cold-water mollusks.

¿Qué hacemos?

We develop a series of trials, evaluations, and projects, both in freshwater and seawater. The Center has specialized Research and Development (R & D) facilities for marine fish, such as a Breeder Conditioning Unit, an Experimental Hatchery, and a Pre-fattening Unit. Also, it has facilities to carry out bioassays, and a Biotechnology Innovation Development Unit.

¿Qué buscamos?

To contribute to the diversification and development of national aquaculture, with technology transfer and support for the scaling of species with commercial potential. The two main ongoing projects are the production of clam seeds and the development of the macha culture. In the fish industry, the advancement in golden conger is noteworthy.

¿Quiénes participan?



Martin Hevia

Executive Director of Aquaculture

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