Vocational Qualifications Framework


The Vocational Qualifications Framework (MCTP – Marco de Cualificaciones Técnico Profesional) is a tool for the development, classification, and recognition of skills, knowledge, and competencies.

The MCTP oversees the development of qualifications of the Transportation and Logistics, Metal Mining, Information Technologies and Communications productive sectors.


What do we do?

The MCTP aims to improve and strengthen Vocational Training (FTP – Formación Técnico Professional), optimize the mechanisms for recognizing learning and training processes, encourage the participation of the productive sectors and the workers themselves in the development of Vocational Training programs, and to advance in the construction of significant educational and occupational trajectories, among others. It serves young people and workers so that they can be given greater opportunities to advance in the development of their competencies as they recognize their training and working experiences. Such change will favor the development of successful educational and labor trajectories. The MCTP promotes itineraries of continuous educational and career development to improve qualification, encourage mobility between productive sectors, territories, and institutions, boost the employability of students and workers and promote the recognition of capabilities acquired in each productive sector.

What are we looking for?

To contribute to the quality and relevance of Vocational Training. To articulate and allow for more flexibility in the educational and training systems, in order to respond to the demands of society and the labor market.




Hernán Araneda

Gerente de Desarrollo Humano

Macarena Domínguez

María Verónica Santander

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