Mining skills council (CCM)


The Mining Skills Council (CCM) is the first Skills Council in Chile that operates as coordinator between the national training and productive sectors. We collect information to detect the needs of the industry, and then raise standards and tools that allow institutions to adapt the training of technicians to the demand of the mining labor market.


¿Qué hacemos?

  • Large Scale Mining Workforce Study: Updated information with skills profiles and forecasted human resources capacities for the Chilean mining sector.
  • Mining Qualifications Framework (MQF): Establishes the requirements for more than 175 occupational profiles in the exploration, probing, extraction, processing and maintenance areas for copper, gold and silver mining.
  • Packages for Training: Courses to develop the skills of the leading job profiles of the MQF.
  • Quality Framework for Good Training Practices: It establishes quality standards for training programs and processes, aligned with the technical standards of the CMC.
  • Quality Framework for the Training and Certification of Instructors: Availability of training standards for instructors to improve the effectiveness of the students' learning process in line with the MQF.
  • Labor Competency Certification System: Mechanism of national recognition of labor capabilities of mining workers.
  • Training Modules: Training units that facilitate training according to the MQF, allowing life-long training.

¿Qué buscamos?

Contribuir a enfrentar los Address the relevance and quality problems of the human capital of the mining industry, expanding and deepening our work with mining companies, suppliers and unions.

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