Brilla is an open innovation platform that arises from the need to increase the local value within the solar industry. This effort brings together the demand with the supply of solutions, products, and services of the solar industry.

The open innovation concept encourages organizations to present their challenges in an open platform so that they can collectively address their issues and possible solutions with other external organizations and companies, by using their Research and Development capabilities (R&D).

What do we do?

Our technical team understands and prioritizes the challenges and needs of companies demanding solutions from the strategic sectors (Mining, Utility Scale, Farming and Distributed Generation). Once defined, an open call is made, informing hundreds of potential suppliers through workshops, events, mailings and other instruments. The process ends when the platform selects the solutions and connects suppliers that have the capabilities to address the challenges with the respective demanding companies.

What are we looking for?

To develop and strengthen the ecosystem of the Solar Energy industry in Chile by connecting domestic providers with the demand for solutions, products, and energy and heat services from strategic sectors of Mining, Utility Scale, Agricultural, Commercial / Industrial and Distributed Generation.




Andrés Pesce

Gerente de Sustentabilidad y Nuevos Negocios

Ángela Oblasser

Deputy Director of Sustainability

Carolina Cuevas

Líder Sustentabilidad

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