Cambia el Foco


“Cambia el Foco” is part of the United for Efficiency international initiative (U4E), led by UN Environment and the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), among other agencies.

U4E is present in 66 countries and seeks to promote the implementation of an integrated policy through energy efficient products, to achieve a sustainable and cost-efficient transformation.

In Chile, it is executed by Fundación Chile, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of the Environment and Philips Lightening.


What do we do?

Cambia el Foco has a three-pronged approach: ●      Enabling regulatory instruments: it consists of the updating of the labeling system and the establishment of minimum standards of energy efficiency of light bulbs, to avoid the commercialization of inefficient technologies and make information available to consumers. ●      Regulation of the recycling of bulbs: the aim is to reduce the disposal of waste and encourage its reuse, recycling and/or recovery, in accordance to the recently established Extended Responsibility of the Producer and Promotion of Recycling law (ERP). Cambio el Foco supports the regulations imposed by the ERP law, specifically in electrical and electronic equipment, as it will enable the disposal of the mercury left by the old bulbs in a safety landfill and thus avoid the pollution caused by the toxicity of this element. ●      Mobilization of the market and awareness campaigns: it is a model designed for the mass incorporation of LED lamps by stimulating their purchase and maximizing their demand. The model aims to increase the demand of LED bulbs by lowering their cost (from CLP 1.690 each) and creating new purchasing formats such as the LED truck (truck LED bulbs) and e-commerce (website This effort is accompanied by consumer-awareness activities and informational workshops for target groups, as well as campaigns in collaboration with various municipalities across the country. New partners have also joined this campaign, such as the Dartel hardware store, by setting up branches throughout Chile that inform the public and sell LED light bulbs at low cost.

What are we looking for?

Cambia el Foco is a national initiative that seeks to accelerate and enhance efficient lighting in Chile, by encouraging the use of efficient LED lighting technologies and acting in alliance with the global en.lighten campaign promoted by U4E. These actions aim to help end climate change and achieve the goals set by Chile in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Paris Agreement. It is expected that these actions will reduce by 4.8% the electricity consumption nationally by 2020, which will simultaneously reduce carbon emissions by 1.2 million tons, and save an estimated US $ 486 million in light costs.


With the support of:


Ulrike Broschek

Deputy Director of Sustainability

Karien Volker

Líder de Iniciativa Agua y Energía

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