Escenarios Hídricos


The hydric situation in Chile shows that water is currently a risk and hindering for Chile’s development. Given its climatic, cultural and territorial use, water requires a range of solutions to address the realities of the region and the challenges of users who may be affected in the present and future.

This requires cross-sectoral participation, contributing their visions, projections, and solutions. Therefore, the primary focus of this initiative is to mobilize the different actors toward the construction and implementation of concrete solutions applied to the various territories of Chile.

That is why Escenarios Hídricos aims to generate a long-term change in the management of water resources, considering the particularities of each region where water does not present a limitation but rather an engine for development and transforming risks into opportunities.


¿Qué hacemos?

1. We develop and facilitate the collaboration between different public-private institutions, and the incorporation of the citizen's vision. 2. Creation of an Integrated Water Database, using the best available information regarding water issues, providing analysis at a regional level and engaging all water-users in sharing the same sources for its development and sustainability. 3. Escenarios Hídricos 2013-2050: Identification of multiple scenarios and their related trajectories. These studies can identify trends (higher probability of occurrence and/or baseline) or display preferred outcomes. 4. Roadmap Proposal: Identification and analysis of the feasible solutions (management instruments) to address the water gap. 5. Raising awareness.

¿Qué buscamos?

Mobilize, build and contribute an integral vision of the future of water in Chile to collaborate to the water safety and strengthening sustainable development of the country.

¿Quiénes participan?



Ulrike Broschek

Deputy Director of Sustainability

Claudia Galleguillos

Líder de Sustentabilidad

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