Mesa de Geotermia


Geothermal energy is an independent and renewable energy source with high potential. Nonetheless, its development has not yet occurred in Chile.

In this context, Mesa de Geotermia emerges as a pioneering project for the national energy industry. This enabled the coordination of the geothermal industry –developers, service companies, the State, and academia– in order to carry out an in-depth and consensual analysis regarding the costs and benefits of its technology and the consequent impact on the national development.

¿Qué hacemos?

  • We gather information from companies in the field to identify and validate the investment and operational costs of geothermal projects that generate electricity. We then use the information to evaluate the overall geothermal potential of the country.
  • The Energy Center of Universidad de Chile, in coordination with our technical team, carried out an analysis and projection to 2050 of the national electrical system, in order to quantify the impact of incorporating geothermal energy into the local electrical matrix.
  • We identify and evaluate possible interventions and public policies to accelerate the development of the sector.

¿Qué buscamos?

We want to accelerate the development of geothermal energy in Chile by making information visible and coordinating the key players of the industry. We analyze the benefits and costs of incorporating geothermal energy into the national energy market, and then use this analysis to propose public policies to stimulate this sector.

¿Quiénes participan?



Fernando Coz

Líder de Sustentabilidad

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