Techo 30+


The national energy industry faces a series of challenges such as high electricity prices, dependence on imported fossil fuels and the low number of new players. These challenges confirm the need to invest in the country’s great solar potential.

In this context, Techo 30+ promotes the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in residential roofs by using demand aggregation and private tenders. Techo 30+ is part of the Energy Strategy of Vitacura and projects to supply 30% of the commune’s energy consumption with clean and renewable sources by 2030.

What do we do?

We oversee the development and implementation of the project, identify the zone or district with demand potential, carry out the bidding process with the companies providing solar technology and negotiate the electrical distribution permits to inject into the national electrical grid.

What are we looking for?

To contribute to the development of the solar energy industry, by providing a mass installation of photovoltaic solar energy systems in residential areas. Techo 30+ estimates economies of scale up to 25% cheaper than the market price through bulk orders and private tenders.




Fernando Coz

Líder de Sustentabilidad

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