Top – Ten


Initiative mandated by the Ministry of Energy and executed by Fundación Chile. Top-Ten is a digital platform that provides transparent data on the energy consumption of household appliances, electronic equipment, lighting, and vehicles, among others. It is a response to the lack of information provided to the general population regarding energy efficiency in products and savings that can be achieved by preferring efficient models. To face this situation, Top-Ten was created to deliver neutral, transparent and independent information to the consumer about the most energy-efficient products and equipment in the Chilean market.


¿Qué hacemos?

The Top-Ten website provides different categories, with the most efficient models, associated savings and all the technical details for the consumer to make an informed purchase. Additionally, good practices in energy efficiency are detailed to use the devices optimally. The platform has a specific section for professional buyers, which show efficient purchasing guides that can be used directly in their bids.

¿Qué buscamos?

To guide and support consumers (residential and professional) in their purchasing decisions, encouraging the acquisition of efficient national energy products.

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