The Program contemplates the development of an online monitoring system of tailing deposits to transmit, process and broadcast in a user-friendly way updated physical and chemical indicators of the deposits. It incorporates the best available technologies and innovative mechanisms for the measurement of critical parameters and variables, as well as an information management platform to communicate information to authorities, mining companies, and the community, allowing an early warning system to be activated ahead of potential emergency situations.

¿Qué hacemos?

The five-year program designs a standardized online monitoring system for tailing deposits. It includes the development of physical and chemical stability indexes, creation or adaptation of critical parameter measurement technologies, the construction of an information management platform, the design of each of its modules, as well as the communication and visualization model built with the end users, such as local actors, mining companies, and authorities. Each one of the developments must be applicable at a national level, balancing generalities and specific characteristics of each site.

¿Qué buscamos?

To position Chile as the leading country in information transparency related to the performance of its tailing deposits, through a state-of-the-art tool that incorporates online monitoring and allows the preventive management of deposits, community participation and timely delivery of information. Chile must be a pioneer in moving towards greater competitiveness in the sector, by demonstrating through this type of initiatives that the coexistence between mining and the development of territories is possible.

¿Quiénes participan?



Andrés Pesce

Gerente de Sustentabilidad y Nuevos Negocios

Ángela Oblasser

Deputy Director of Sustainability

Cecilia Vidal

Profesional de Proyecto

Martin Fuentes

Profesional de Proyecto

Sebastián Jara

Profesional de Proyecto

Carla Calderon

Profesional de Proyecto

Andrés Delzo

Profesional de Proyecto

Víctor Moral

Profesional de Proyecto

Débora Gomberoff

Profesional de Proyecto

Raquel Charte

Profesional de Proyecto

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