Sustainability: About us

We are a multidisciplinary team with over 60 highly specialized professionals. We maximize our innovative work and quickly obtain high-impact results, working together with international experts, businesses and tech centers around the world.

Our area has more than 10 years’ experience, helping to advance the country’s sustainability and competitiveness through the adoption, development and transfer of innovations that improve environmental performance and the sustainable development of the principal economic activities and their setting. We contribute to the generation of national and regional policies and strategies in these areas.

Likewise, we contribute to the development of the sustainability goods and services sector, creating new business opportunities for enterprises and entrepreneurs, and positioning Chile as a leader in the region.

We want to transform Chile in a leading country for sustainable development.


Andrés Pesce

Gerente de Sustentabilidad y Nuevos Negocios

Ulrike Broschek

Deputy Director of Sustainability

Ángela Oblasser

Deputy Director of Sustainability

María Eugenia Fernández

Deputy Director of Business Development


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