The best of ChileGlobal Angels and BCI’s entrepreneurship contest: looming in the wine culture

Publicado: 02 July, 2015

Hoping to bring the world of wine closer in a simple and entertaining way, HelloWine emerged. It is a club that offers a small box that arrives at your front door every month, with four 375 cc wine bottles, carefully chosen by an oenologist.

Each box has a different theme, from different grapevine varieties to wines from different Chilean valleys, along with the Salú (Cheers) magazine. “All of this, at the most convenient price on the market, $ 9.990 monthly”, said Domingo Cruzat, Executive Director of HelloWine, the entrepreneurship that is part of Chile Global Angels, a network of angel investors of Fundación Chile.

Hello Wine was the winner undertaking of the ¡Despega! contest, organized by BCI Nace and ChileGlobal Angels, which sought boosting and promoting the development of entrepreneurships in early development stages that counted with an important component of innovation with breakthrough, scalable and previously validated by the market products or services.

As the contest’s first prize, BeSTinnovation awarded Domingo Cruzat with a personal tour to Silicon Valley, where along Bárbara Silva, its Executive Director and Ambassador of Singularity University Chile, participated in the Launch Festival, one of the most important festivals that gathers entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world.

Cruzat assured that the visit to Silicon Valley was an opportunity to get to know what is happening at an international level. “The possibility of presenting the project, getting feedback, networking, and business possibilities, was a great privilege”, he pointed out.

The Manager of ChileGlobal Angels and Fundación Chile’s Emprendimiento (Entrepreneurship) webpage, Jamie Riggs, stated the importance of these calls, given that they allow boosting national entrepreneurships overseas. “The Chilean market is small, that is why being able to support our entrepreneurs reaching other markets and meet other realities, is fundamental”, he assured.

Bárbara Silva, explained that “the success of an entrepreneur is measured by his or her vision and capacity of execution. Our purpose is to bring together high impact entrepreneurs with the leaders of innovation and global entrepreneurship”. She also adds that “this initiative allows validating the businesses, broaden the scope and associating entrepreneurs with great value networks, contributing to accelerate their process, and taking their company to the next level”.