febrero 7, 2013

Alliance between FCh and Tecnológico of Monterrey will generate significant innovation projects in food and health

After a process of developing joint innovation and entrepreneurship projects, Fundación Chile and Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores at Monterrey in Mexico, signed a master agreement to develop knowledge, technology, research and human capital. This partnership will enable a two year scientific, technological, academic and student staff collaboration from both institutions, thus generating innovation projects shared between Chile and Mexico.

The strategic alliance will be promoted through FEMSA, which currently serves the needs and trends of international markets. The combined work with Fundación Chile began in 2007 around topics such as labor skills, Innovum, certification of water sustainable and internships for students, among others. 

Through this agreement, FEMSA’s Biotechnology and Food students may have academic undergraduate and graduate instances at Fundación Chile’s facilities. Thus, both organizations will be able to attract research projects on food and health issues for the benefit of the two countries. They will also mutually cooperate in order to create niche markets and open new industries in Chile or Mexico.