For the first time 20 thousand sole fish juveniles were released in Los Vilos Bay

Considering the strong extraction of fish in the northern part of the country and the reduction of local populations, this Thursday 13th, Fundación Chile began the first 5000 sole fish juveniles’ release of a total of 20.000 compromised, in Los Vilos Bay, Coquimbo Region.

The event -that was financed by the Regional Government and attended by the Governor of the Choapa Province, the Mayor and city councilmen from Los Vilos, the Port Master and fishermen of the area- wants to establish the foundations for a future program of repopulation that hopes to impulse artisanal fisheries in the area.

The Aquaculture Program Director at Fundación Chile, Antonio Vélez, said «»this sole fish release is the beginning of a process of fish stocking that requires related {specific] rules and the commitment of the fishery authority, the artisanal fishermen and of society in general. By developing this process we will be able to see the economic benefits of continuously releasing fish and for several years«». «»This project -he adds- hopes to have a long-term impact on local artisanal fisheries, as a result of the contribution to the natural populations. We hope to introduce the concept of intentionally releasing fish at sea, in order to recover fisheries in decline. Subsequently, the restocking can be applied to other species of economic relevance that exist in the rocky coastline area«».

Fine flounder (Paralichthys adspersus) is a species of great commercial relevance in Chile, particularly for artisanal fisheries. Their farming technology has been successfully developed by Fundación Chile, being an important tool for the recovery of wild populations through the restocking of juveniles. The current release of sole fish will stimulate an increase on the existing natural populations for the artisanal fisheries sector.


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