octubre 29, 2013

Fundación Chile and Capital magazine recognized 10 leading companies in managing climate change

In an award ceremony held yesterday at the Transoceánica building, the first 10 places of the 4th version of the Leaders in Climate Change Survey were awarded. The initiative is designed to assess the companies’ progress on climate change, to identify the institutions that are most committed with managing their emissions and make the best practices and tendencies that have been applied in our country known.

Marcos Kulka, General Manager/ CEO at FCh, explained that “as we have better energy efficiency systems, as we achievepromoting the use of non-conventional and renewable energy and we minimize the use of water resources, then the companies’ value chain will generate an improvement and, therefore, they will be more competitive. In the same way, this situation will cause the consumer to demand products that are friendlier to the environment.” 

The meeting also recognized other outstanding institutions with the Gold and Silver categories, according to the results achieved in the four dimensions that were assessed: corporate governance’s commitment, measuring and diagnosis, improvement actions and communication.

The Gold category was awarded to institutions that obtained a result of over 70% and performed the climate change management as an integral part of their business. Additionally, this category rewarded companies that defined and published their policies and strategies -including greenhouse gases emissions metrics along their value chain- with a strong emphasis on communications to suppliers, employees and clients, among others actors. The organizations that won this distinction were: Colbún, Concha y Toro and LAN.

On the other hand, the Silver category was awarded to companies that obtained 60% in the four dimensions survey evaluation. It also acknowledged entities whose management was developed through several activities such as measuring actions to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and internal communication. These companies were: Arauco, Chilerecicla, Enaex, Mall Plaza, Masisa, Natura and Sodimac.

In this occasion there were 4 special nominations: “Leader in measuring” awarded to Concha y Toro; “Leader in action” awards to Arauco; “Leader in collaborating with suppliers” awarded to Masisa. Finally, the special nomination “Revelation Leader” was awarded to the Masonic School in Concepción that -for the first time- participated in the Leaders on Climate Change Survey. This educational institution stood out among the top 10 because of its environmental and climate change management that is integrated in the education of their students, also being a model of good practices on school education.