octubre 25, 2013

Human capital program for the large-scale mining sector, supported by FCh, wins 2013 AVONNI award

In the year of innovation, Fundación Chile was among the three finalist initiatives of the 2013 Avonni awards in the category Mining and Metallurgy, the winner being the Council of Mining Skills’ project led by companies of the Mining Council and supported by the Human Capital Innovation Center Innovum from Fundación Chile. Its purpose is to help to go beyond what is possible in the development of technical and professional talent for mining, identifying gaps, by defining training standards and supporting high-impact innovation in people’s training.

Fundación Chile also participated in the same category with two other projects: Zyght, a corporate social network that prevents accidents in the mining industry and, also, with the World Class Suppliers program developed by BHP Billiton and Codelco to promote the capacities for innovation in the mining supply companies.

Avonni Awards

For the seventh year, the Avonni awards recognized those who in different areas of national life, dared to create and, above all, innovate.

The purpose of Avonni is to create value through a good idea put into practice, generating a benefit to society and economic value for the innovator. This is how the concept of innovation was defined when the Avonni award were established in 2007 by the Alliance of Foro Innovación Foundation, Fundación El Mercurio and Televisión Nacional de Chile, along with the support of the Ministry of Economy and CORFO. After confirming that there is innovation in Chile, the award has focused in giving recognition and visibility to the winners as inspiring examples that should be followed, in order to contribute