octubre 30, 2013

FCh creates a collaboration network together with other Latin American experts in water management

In Latin America there are several institutions of knowledge with a high level of technical expertise and extensive experience in the water sector. However, in terms of decision-makers these institutions often work independently, isolated from each other and disconnected at a political level. 

The European Union has acknowledged the relevance of assisting Latin American countries in the water sector through partnerships in order to consolidate dialogue between all stakeholders, as well as assisting the institutional reinforcement, in line with its main tool for political dialogue in the water sector, the EU Water Initiative (EUWI). 

The Latin American Network of Knowledge Centers in the Water Sector (RALCEA) improves governance in the management of water as from the cooperation at a technical level with the intent to affect decision-making at a political level.

RALCEA’s purpose is to promote public policies based on the scientific and technical knowledge within the water sector. For this, it plans to promote south-south cooperation by supporting the creation of a regional network of Latin American knowledge. The duration of the project, which began the second half of 2010, is 4 years. The total budget is EUR 2.5 million, of which EUR 2.25 million are provided by the European Commission.

Periodic Meetings

To meet the proposed objectives, RALCEA will hold meetings in Bolivia, Guatemala and Panama. These meetings seek to articulate the experience of several experts in water and, from there, propose solutions to problems.

Featured RALCEA Subjects

• Cleaning Natural Waters that have Contaminants

• Anthropogenic Pollution of Water Bodies

• Eutrophication

• Industrial Wastewater Treatment

• Quality Monitoring and Reuse of Water

• Techniques for Water Injection in Aquifers

• Development of Water Quality Indicators

• Urban Drainage

• Ecohydrology

• Mathematical Modeling