julio 24, 2013

International Seminar on new packaging technologies’ tendencies

Más de 100 personas asistieron al seminario internacional: “Tendencias en Tecnologías de Envases” organizado por Fundación Chile junto a Eurofins GCL, que se realizó el martes 23 de julio en nuestra Fundación, con el objetivo de conocer los principales materiales plásticos utilizados en el envasado de alimentos.  

More than 100 people attended the international seminar «Tendencies of Packaging Technologies» about the main plastic materials used in the packaging of food that was organized by Fundación Chile together with Eurofins GCL; that was held on Tuesday July 23, at our Foundation’s premises.

On the occasion, Pedro Melgarejo, an AIMPLAS expert from the Spanish Technological Institute of Plastics, explainedthe main factors involved in food packaging, the reasons for their use and the alternatives available in the market for packaging optimization.

He also presented the properties of the plastics that are used in packaging, the degradation factors of food, packaging alternatives and new techniques to extend their shelf life.

«This seminar was a great opportunity for the Chilean food industry to learn and study in depthAIMPLAS’ experience of over 20 years in the development, research and innovation of plastic containers. European packaging tendencies are certainly a relevant reference for our industry, which faces an increasingly sophisticated domestic demand, an external market with food shortages and a growing demand from distant markets, such as Asia«, said Gabriel Leyton Director of  Food Shelf Life and Biotechnology at Fundación Chile.

At this meeting is was possible to have an overview of the main factors involved in the plastic materials used in the elaboration of packaging for the food industry, brought together the main actors in the plastic containers sector to generate a discussion around the experience in Chile and Spain, as was explained by Pedro Melgarejo, who is responsible for Container Business and Packaging at AIMPLAS.