MiCoMo joins Fundación Chile’s company portfolio

Faced with the extraordinary dynamism experience by mining in the north of the country, which is mainly driven by copper production, Fundación Chile has decided to incorporate MICOMO to its company portfolio. The new technological service provider subsidiary -that was created under Codelco Chile and the Japanese company NTT- will have the mission of enabling the use of the most advanced information technology systems worldwide, in mining matters.

During the 2012-2020 term, mining projects will achieve an estimated record national investment of $104,300 million, making Chile one of the leading countries in the world. Therefore, having new generation monitoring technologies available for the mining process will be one of the great challenges for MICOMO within Fundación Chile.

Its purpose will be to capitalize the efforts invested by the state and Japanese companies in developing MICOMO, through a more favorable innovation environment at Fundación Chile, considering its focus on the development of emerging subsidiaries. With the incorporation of this company to the portfolio, the institution seeks to develop the rising Information Technologies and Communication areas, TIC’s. Likewise, the relationship with NTT will be maintained and expanded, trying to increase the technologic transfer that the Japanese communications giant is able to deliver MiCoMo. 

According to the chairman at Fundación Chile, Álvaro Fischer , «Our country requires companies that incorporate world-class technologies to support the development of its mining and natural resources sector, and MiCoMo, strengthened with its new partners, investors and entrepreneurs, wants to be one of these actors in the future. Fundación Chile, fulfilling its mission, is contributing for this to happen«.

Meanwhile, the manager of Business and Enterprises at Fundación Chile, Andrés Pesce, said «mining is a development engine for our country and at Fundación Chile we perceive a great potential in combining TIC’s with technological services. For this reason, we will invest capital and will place all of our capabilities to serve MICOMO within a strategy destined to introduce information technologies as a driver of innovation in the economy«.

In this line, the institution will focus on necessary efforts to develop MICOMO’s innovation businesses -environmental applications and the use technologies- focused on the mining and natural resources sectors. 

«Codelco played a highly relevant role on the incubation of the project, leaving Fundación Chile the task of developing the company for the future«, concludes Andrés Pesce, adding that the incorporation of a new technological partner is not discarded in the short term.


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