Publicado: 03 October, 2012

IDB  Knowledge Transfer program “Sharing among peers” , seeks to share knowledge through pilot projects in order to replicate and up-scale successful MIF projects implemented by partner institutions in the region, fulfilling the mandate to of achieving a catalytic role of their actions.
In May 4th, 2012, Fundación Chile and Development Bank of Jamaica submitted a joint proposal to the MIF IDB, through which DBJ expresses its interest in learning from Fundación Chile´s experience that could be useful to promote an ESCO market in Jamaica.

Project Title:
Knowledge for the Promotion & Establishment of an ESCO Industry in Jamaica
Agreement No. C0037-12

Main Goal:
Strengthen the technical capacity of DBJ and its key stakeholders that is necessary to design and implement a nationwide ESCO market development program in Jamaica, building on the experience and the wealth of knowledge generated by Fundacion Chile Project “Promotion of Clean Energy Market opportunities” (ATN/ME-9862-CH)) (2006 – 2011).