Fch Team

Marcos Kulka


Commercial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with a MBA from the University of Berkeley, California. Director of the Austral Capital, member of the investment committee of Scale Capital. He was also a member of the Berkeley Open Innovation Forum and of the Institute of High-Scale Innovations. Director of several technology companies in Chile and abroad.

Fch Team

Leah Pollak

VP of Development and Institutional Affairs

Graduated with honors BA in International Relations and History from Duke University, and holder of a Master's Degree in Public Policy in Economic Development from Georgetown University. She leads the development and strengthening of the international and local networks of the organization, in order to identify and connect high impact opportunities for FCh and its stakeholders.

Fch Team

Angela Oblasser

VP of Sustainability

Angela has more than 16-years-experience in the sustainability area, having specialized in multiple industries, such as mining, chemical, and oil. She holds German nationality and carried out her studies in Geoecology at the University of Freiberg. She excels for her global vision and deep understanding of the need to move towards a circular economy, as well as exploring models that allow reducing the use of finite resources, standing up to the consequences of climate change.

Throughout her career, she has developed international consulting services for the ECLAC and government entities, such as the Ministry of Mining, Sernageomin, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Superintendence of the Environment, as well as technological development and R&D projects related to innovative technologies, risk management tools, sustainability standards and indicators, and methodologies for the management of contaminated sites.

Angela has been part of Fundación Chile for the last 13 years, previously working as Director of Sustainability and Environmental Solutions, leading teams of excellence, articulating transformative projects, and developing key strategic alliances.

Fch Team

Hernán Araneda

VP of Human Development Centre

Psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Master’s Degree in Science and Philosophy in Sociology from the London School of Economics. In addition, he is a certified trainer of the Managing Innovation Programme of the Center for Research in Innovation Management (Centrim, UK). International consultant with more than 20 years of experience in Human Capital Development in Chile and other countries. He has been a consultant to the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), the World Bank, the ILO (International Labor Organization) and UNESCO on issues of lifelong learning, job training, and labor markets. In Fundación Chile he led the design, pilot testing and scaling of a labor competencies system with 15 key business sectors in Chile and more than 400 leading companies. He is a member of the American Society for Training & Development and the Society for Human Resource Management. In addition, he is regularly invited to speak at national and international seminars on entrepreneurship, technical training, higher education, innovation and human capital.

Fch Team

Katherine Noack

VP of Marketing & Communications

Psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso. Katherine has worked in consulting and in the telecommunications sector. She has been part of Fundación Chile since 2008, where she initially served as Human Resources Manager, overseeing the process of modernization of the organization and implementing the cultural empowerment program. She is currently in charge of the Marketing area, developing strategies aimed at increasing the institutional position of FCh.

Fch Team

Sebastián Acevedo

VP of Finance and Business

Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, MBA from the Universidad de Chile and Master of Science from the University of Rochester, NY. Experience in project evaluation, impact measurement and social performance, corporate expansion, and finance in Chile, Spain, and Panama. He joined Fundación Chile as VP of Business and Finance.

Fch Team

Jaime Riggs

Managing Director ChileGlobal Ventures

With 19 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jamie is managing director of ChileGlobal Ventures, the venture capital area of Fundación Chile, where he also serves as general manager of the CLIN Fund, director of the Angel Investors Network, Business Accelerator and Corporate Projects. He is also president of Innversionistas AP, an Alianza del Pacíficoinitiative. Prior to this, he served as a loan manager for Silicon Valley Bank in Palo Alto, California. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the University of Pepperdine and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Fch Team

Claudia García

VP of Human Resources

Claudia holds a psychology degree; she obtained an MBA from Cranfield University, England, and a Global MBA from Universidad de Chile with a BHP Billiton scholarship. She counts with extensive experience working with important multinational companies and has been responsible for the strategic management in several Human Resources areas, especially in Organizational Development, Talent Management, and Culture and Work Environment. In addition, she also led the HR Business Partners team at Samsung Electronics Chile.

Fch Team

Luis Hernán Vicente

Director of Legal & Compliance

Lawyer from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (1996), also holds a Masters Degree in Tax Management from the aforementioned University (May 2006 - January 2008). As of 1997, he began the liberal practice of the profession at the Law Firm Vicente & Cia, providing external consultancy to companies in the banking, real estate, and commercial areas, focusing his activities on the study and preparation of contracts and reports on matters relating to the civil, commercial, taxes, regulations on the protection of consumer rights, entrepreneurship and financing areas. During 2011 he joins Fundación Chile as legal advisor, subsequently assuming the role of Legal & Compliance Director, and Executive Secretary of the Board.