At Fundación Chile we are proud to deliver value to our stakeholders and to contribute with the growth of the culture and competitiveness of the country’s human and productive resources. Yet, our success depends not only on what we achieve, but how we achieve it.

Keeping up the prestige, trust, and neutrality of Fundación Chile with its interlocutors and ensuring regulatory compliance is pivotal to the challenges faced by the organization.

Our Prevention Model, Compliance FCh, is a process that involves all the collaborators of our organization, and seeks to ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards, and excellence of the organization to ensure care of the neutrality and the resources that are assigned to us to achieve our goals.

Fundación Chile has the official Equivalency Determination (ED) Certification of a US public charity by NGOSource. This enables US grantmakers to meet their tax compliance requirements and give with fewer restrictions.

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