Fundación Chile



We are a public-private partnership whose purpose is to promote Chilean’s transformation towards sustainable development.

For more than 40 years we have tackled critical, complex problems by envisioning and implementing high-impact long—term solutions, not just quick wins.

We have been pioneer enabling and promoting different productive sectors, such as aquaculture, agribusiness, solar energy, and Latin America’s first venture capital funds.

While the problems and interventions we have worked on have focused on Chile’s needs, many other parts of the world confront challenges in those same topics: energy, water, natural resources, worker training, venture capital and the like.

We partner with 160 organizations from 35 countries, from the public and private world, to share expertise, scout solutions and tap into new markets.


We exist to innovate in high-impact solutions that drive Chile's transformation towards sustainable development.


We work jointly with corporate, government and NGO partners to create deep, lasting results.

  • Together, we solve challenging problems.

    We focus on the pressing problems of today and those that will be critical in the future.

    We impartially study and uncover the hidden assumptions and the key dynamics.
    We find and source both proven and promising solutions to catalyze economic prosperity.

    We create, test, iterate and scale long-lasting, systemic, viable solutions.

  • Together, we grow industries and businesses.

    We connect entrepreneurs and corporations to help enterprises innovate and help startups scale.

    We start new ventures and demonstrate new business models for others to emulate.

  • Together, we build strong, lasting networks.

    We bring together all parties, even those who don’t normally want to work together.

    We help stakeholders build trust and act cooperatively to solve problems they can’t solve alone.

    We keep partners committed to one another through tough times and political cycles.

    We enable networks to adapt, see and solve new problems as they arise.


Our Board includes professionals from the public and private sectors with extensive experience in different fields; it counts with representatives of the Chilean State and BHP.

FCH Executive Team

We are a multidisciplinary team, passionate about innovation and committing our work to transform and strengthen the national economy.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised by an international group of preeminent experts and innovation leaders. Its mission is to advise, guide, and share good practices with FCh's management team and among other matters, address international trends and open innovation topics.