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Fundación Chile is committed to contribute with our country’s reactivation focusing on sustainable and inclusive development.

The role of green hydrogen in sustainable growth

Chile has a unique opportunity to change the way energy is generated and consumed.

Fundación Chile promotes open innovation’s key role in the

sustainable post-pandemic revival

Our open innovation platform brings together all the components required by Corporate Venturing to generate value and promote the acceleration and dynamism of the Chilean and the region’s economy


March 14. 2022
Transforming Industries

SQM launches international call to promote the development of solutions around the use and applications of…

December 06. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

The Mining Industry Analyzes the Keys to Breakingthrough with Green Hydrogen

December 06. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

The Chilean Water Institutionality is Built From the Territories by Water Scenarios 2030

December 06. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

Fundación Chile and the IDB emphasize the role of the private sector in mobilizing an impactful…

December 06. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

Campaign launched to recycle and replace old refrigerators for energy-efficient equipment

July 21. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

InvestChile and Circula el Plástico seek to attract foreign and national investment to promote new infrastructure…

July 19. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

The Chilean Plastics Pact releases data report as a baseline to track progress on its four…

July 11. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

Study to estimate aquifer recharge at the Maule and Maipo aquifers allows determining most suitable areas…

June 24. 2021
Future Skills

Education in Times of Pandemic: 77% of Teachers Conducting E-learning, Teach “Live”

June 15. 2021
Sustainable Use of Resources

Expert calls for an accelerated adoption of green economic models to achieve zero carbon goal by…

May 04. 2021

Chile Wants to Fuel a Green Hydrogen Boom With $300 Million Fund

April 01. 2021
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Six companies were selected in a call that seeks for responses for challenges related to the…

March 23. 2021

Blue Certificate: The Public-Private Partnership to Address Sustainable Water Management Challenges

December 10. 2020

Microsoft announces “Transforma Chile” to accelerate growth and business transformation, including a new datacenter region

December 10. 2020
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

ChileGlobal Ventures’ accelerator is ranked as the best in Chile in a benchmark by Corfo

December 07. 2020

Social innovation project in Tongoy wins Inclusive Innovation award at Best Microalgae Awards 2020

December 01. 2020

CCM and Eleva come together in strengthening their contribution to the country

November 27. 2020
Future Skills

“Digital Labor Upskilling is a Measure of Social Protection”

October 30. 2020
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Partnering as the key to Chilean mining’s digital transformation

October 23. 2020
Transforming Industries

Expande Seeks to Promote the Association of Innovative Companies and Startups That See in Mining an…

October 02. 2020
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Fundación Chile promotes open innovation’s key role in the sustainable post-pandemic revival


We exist to innovate in high-impact solutions that drive Chile’s transformation towards sustainable development.

FCH Team

We are a multidisciplinary team, passionate about innovation and committing our work to transform and strengthen the national economy.


Learn about the themes we are working on to face the country’s challenges.

Opinion Columns

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Open Innovation, the Answer for Highly Complex Challenges
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