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The producing, consuming and discarding economic and social model has reached its limit. The world has exhausted the use of its natural resources, and contamination by waste, particularly plastics, is causing irreparable damages to the ecosystem.

This is the time to act and to move towards a Circular Economy for Plastics, adding value and extending the useful life of this daily use material.


  • 8 million tons

    Every year 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, this equals to emptying one garbage truck per minute.

  • 2 trucks per minute

    It is estimated that by 2030 the number will equal 2 trucks per minute and by 2050, 3 trucks per minute

  • 990,000 tons of plastic

    Chile consumes approximately 990,000 tons of plastic per year and recycles 83,679 tons (8.5%).

  • 17% has a domestic origin

    Of the total recycled plastics, 17% (14,281 tons/year) has a domestic origin and 83% (69,398 tons/year) a non-domestic origin.

  • 55% are PET

    Over half of the recycled domestic origin plastics (55%) are PET and the remainder is mainly PP and PE.

Chilean Plastics Pact

The Chilean Plastics Pact (PCP) led by Fundación Chile and the Ministry of Environment was signed in April 2019, with the purpose of rethinking the future of plastics by bringing together all actors in the value chain such as companies, public sphere and NGOs. The initiative is part of the Plastics Pact Global Network launched in 2018 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the United Kingdom.

It is necessary to work articulately together, generating collaboration and innovation when setting forth new ways to manufacture, use, reuse, and recycle plastics. It is urgent to address and prevent further environmental problems, but at the same time the Pact invites us to take advantage of this enormous opportunity to create value.

Chile is the third country to implement the Plastics Pact, along with the United Kingdom and France, and is the first country in Latin America and the first developing country to join this Global Network. This initiative shows the determination to collaboratively head changes in production models and, along with it, its impacts on the environment.

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These are the four commitments to which the partner companies adhered

The Chilean Plastics Pact will work aligned with the vision of the Global Commitment launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Four commitments have been defined for 2025, the progress of which will be reported annually:

Circula el Plástico

The image of the campaign in Chile

Circula el Plástico is the new image of the Chilean Plastics Pact. Its slogan is “More planet, less waste”, seeking to bring the challenge of advancing in a circular economy closer to the citizenry.

We invite you to use our hashthag #CirculaElPlástico in your social media!

Program's Roadmap

  • January 2020

    In January, the PCP's Road Map will be released, showing the way down to concrete actions to meet the commitments made.

  • July 2019

    Presentation of the commitments 2025, with concrete and measurable goals relating to the use of plastics in production chains.

  • April 2019

    Signing the Chilean Plastics Pact. This commitment was sealed at Fundación Chile with the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, and the signature of 7 founding companies and non-governmental organizations.

Our commitment is global. This initiative contributes to:


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